Donate Your Day
And raise money to save the planet you love.

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Instead of a gift, ask for a donation.

When you Donate Your Day, you ask your friends and family to skip the birthday, anniversary, wedding or graduation presents and donate to your fundraiser instead. Because you don’t really need another pair of novelty socks or a waffle iron, right?

But the world does need Greenpeace to continue to expose environmental destruction, hold companies and governments to account, and work toward a sustainable future.

It’s easy…

CREATE your personal #BECAUSE fundraising page. It just takes a minute to pick a name, post a photo and tell supporters what you’re planning to do to help Greenpeace.

SPREAD THE WORD to everyone you know through social media, emails, texts and any other way you stay in touch. The more people who hear what you’re doing, the faster you’ll reach your goal.

FEEL GREAT when the donations roll in and start helping Greenpeace promote solutions, demand change and take action.

Other ways you can raise money

Challenge Yourself

Go 30 days without plastic, walk to work for a week, dress like a polar bear… give yourself any creative or meaningful challenge and donors will respond.

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Do What You Love

Hold a virtual dance party, knit scarves, livestream your gaming — do whatever you love and friends will support you. 

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Get Moving

Pick your favorite physical activity and have everyone support your run, swim, skate, climb, bike ride or adventure.

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