Tips and tools

Together, we can make a difference. Set an ambitious goal and use these tips and tools to engage your network and ask for donations. You’ll be amazed by how many friends, family and colleagues will be eager to get involved.

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Be Donor #1

Making the first donation to your own fundraiser yourself can be a very powerful motivator for others. They’ll see your commitment and get a feeling of momentum.

Make it personal

Tell everyone why you believe this is so important. The more personal you make it, the bigger response you’ll get. Start by completing this sentence in your profile – “I’m fundraising for Greenpeace #BECAUSE…” Your personal fundraising page has lots of opportunities for additional personalization.

Ask and ask again

The health and future of our planet is everyone’s issue, so don’t be shy. Contact your network and send them updates and reminders. You’ll find lots of messages and images you can use in the Tips and Tools download.

Say thanks

You’ll know when donations come in. Thank your donors on as many platforms as you can. They deserve it and your gratitude will encourage others to support your fundraiser.

Get social

Your social networks are the easiest way to get the message out and share how your fundraiser is doing. Check the Tips and Tools download for message and image ideas.

Use your Dashboard

Once your page is set up, you’ll have access to your control dashboard where you can track donations, see who’s supporting you, edit your page and more.