Frequently asked questions

If you have questions about donating or about your personal #BECAUSE campaign, please see if they’re answered below. If you need more info, contact us at

Q: Where does the money that’s donated go?

A: Donations to each #BECAUSE fundraiser are used by Greenpeace for our campaigns to:

Transform Energy – We not only challenge fossil fuel producers and polluters but actively support renewable energy solutions that address climate change.

Protect Nature – A healthy environment is essential to a green and peaceful world. We aim to preserve, protect and restore the most valuable ecosystems for the climate and for biodiversity.

Live Sustainably – We want to change habits of unsustainable consumption and production to live within our planetary boundaries.

Q: How do I get other people engaged in my #BECAUSE fundraiser?

A: Many people use social media to get their network involved but emails, texts, phone and face-to-face conversations can be even more effective. Check our Tips and Tools page for message and image ideas.

Q: How do I know how my fundraiser is doing?

A: Once your personal fundraiser page is set up, you’ll have access to your control dashboard. This is where you can track donations, see who your donors are, edit your page and more.

Q: What if someone wants to donate cash?

A: Here are a couple of options. You can accept the cash and then make a personal donation yourself for the same amount. As a thank you, recognize the donor in a blog post on your page. At events where you’re selling something, such as a bake sale, think about having your fundraising page up on a mobile phone or other device to allow donors to make their donations right on your page.

Q: Can I do more than one fundraiser?

A: Of course. A dropdown menu on the sign-in page allows you to select another type of fundraiser.

Q: How do I find someone’s fundraising page?

A: Use the Search for a friend or fundrasier function on the homepage. Or ask your friend for the unique URL they were given for their personal fundraising page.

Q: Will donors receive a charitable tax receipt for their donations?

A: No. In order to advocate effectively and maintain our freedom to act on environmental issues, Greenpeace is registered as a non-profit rather than a charity, which means that your donation is not eligible for income tax credit. Greenpeace is an independent organization that does not take money from corporations or governments. We rely on individual donations from people just like you to do the work we do.

Q: Are there other ways to donate to Greenpeace?

A: Absolutely. You can make one-time or monthly donations, or donate in honour of or in memory of someone important to you by clicking on this link.