I’m challenging myself #BECAUSE I want to protect the planet.


We're challenging ourselves to fundraise for Greenpeace #BECAUSE.....

we want to help our land, oceans and wildlife. 

Our "BALLIN' FOR GREEN, BALLIN' FOR GOOD" challenge has started. Every day for 7 days, we will shoot in 55 baskets EACH for a total of 110 baskets a day. 

We hope our family + friends will consider donating to us as we take on our Ballin' for Green challenge. 

Every gift counts and together, we will have an incredible impact.

Henry and Max

My Progress

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My Updates


Saturday 1st May
H: We did 110 baskets each because we missed yesterday because of the rain. I quickly did it in the morning and then in my lunch break and my brother did it in the lunch break and after school. It was very windy and I think that it helped me. That's all I can say out of my mouth. 

M: I was soo cold outside but I wanted to still go to shoot my baskets. Now can I watch TV? 


Thursday 29th Apr
M: We couldn't play because the rain. 
H: If we could have gone out there I would hit 55 in like 20 minutes, but we couldn't because of this rain, rainnnnnnnnnn
M: I have one arm

We will extend our challenge to Sunday to make up the 55 shots each that we missed. 

Henry + Max


Thursday 29th Apr
Wet. The ball was wet because it kept on falling on the grass.  It was raining all morning so we had to go out only in the afternoon.  We did shoot 55 baskets each and we also played Bump! 


Wednesday 28th Apr
Sorry this is late. Yesterday Max and I both scored 55 baskets. We played BUMP with my parents after dinner so we may have scored even more. 

Thank you
Henry and Max


Monday 26th Apr
It is a sunny day today and the rim helped us. We went out before lunch and shot and scored 55 baskets each. We think our new rainbow basketballs were lucky. 

We will post a picture tomorrow with shooting. Thank you for all of your donations. 

Day 1 Update

Sunday 25th Apr
It was awesome. 

We got 55 baskets each. 

And we got it in 25 minutes. 

It was a good day to shoot hoops because it was sunny and shady a bit. 

We have new rainbow basketballs that we will use tomorrow. More soon.

One day complete. 6 more days to go!

Henry Max. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Gerrit, Katarina, Oma, Anna Und Lisa

Sehr vorbildlich seid Ihr kleinen Racker. Weiterhin viel Spass und viel Erfolg! Liebste Gruesse aus Hamburg von Gerrit, Katarina, Anna und Lisa und aus Münster von Oma


Gramma And Grampa

Way to go Henry and Max!


Joan M Bedard

Way to go!!!!!!


C&k Stegehuis

Good luck and have fun Henry and Max! 🏀💙🏀💙


Hilary Baker

Way to go Max and Henry! Great job :)


Leighann Baxter

Ballers - Shot callers!! Good luck boys!


L & O Dussin

Way to go H and M!!! Your pals, Leo and Oliver


Allison Daisley


Louise Daly

Thank you for helping out planet!!