I’m getting moving #BECAUSE I want to protect the planet.

By Anna-Mieke LITTLE

Mieke Swims 50 K by 09/22

I’m getting moving I want to protect the planet


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My target 50 kms

I’m open-water swimming to fundraise for Greenpeace #BECAUSE....

GOAL: Total of 50 K over Spring/Summer 2021

I’m swimming in open-water this spring/summer to raise awareness about and support for the work Greenpeace is doing to help with the climate crisis. I also genuinely think this organization puts good energy into the world.

I'm swimming because I'm passionate about discussion around complicated topics such as the socioeconomic impacts of a changing climate. 

I'm swimming because I love to move, and I feel serene in the many lakes of Ontario (until the weeds outgrow themselves).

I'm swimming because gathering for protests isn't a very good option now. I'm privileged to have the time to care and speak out about injustice, and the resources to take action.

I'm asking for you to donate a small amount. Let's say $10. And the next time we chat, we can talk about environmental advocacy, the dying fossil-fuel industry, gardening practices, and the players behind the climate movement.

Greenpeace is making a real difference by acting on climate change, working to save our oceans, forests and other vital ecosystems and encouraging sustainable consumption and production.

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My Updates

Swimming in September

Friday 24th Sep

Swimming in Frontenac- 1K

We stayed on Big Salmon Lake at campsite 5b, which is hilariously close to 5a. Making friends with your neighbours is part of the deal, as you can essentially hear and see everything they get up to! Our camp opened up into a bay with mica-mixed sand. The water was warm and barely ‘refreshing’- small lakes at the end of summer tend to be warmer than I’d like. I docked about 1 km swimming to a smalll island where I met Sophya, Javier and Gabrielle for an island lunch!

Swimming in Huron- .75K

I had two swims in Huron on the first two days of my “Go West” Trip. The first was off the Bruce Peninsula National Park, after a short hike with the ol’ man. The water was cool!  The second swim was out of Meaford. I walked on a pebble shore into Huron. I swam out to a big red buoy and waved at a fisherman. Probably docked around 500 meters!

Swimming in Vermillion Bay- .5K

Super cold. Used something called alcohol to warm myself up afterwards. Part of Eagle Lake.

Wasa Lake- 1 K
My new hometown! I couldn't feel my feet by the end but it was all good. I was happy. The water has a light blue tint. It's fairly shallow.

Mara Lake- 1 K
On the way to Kelowna, we stopped at Mara Lake. This was my favourite swim probably of the whole summer. The water was so refreshing and calm, and my body appreciated the break from the road!

Okanagan Lake- 1 K
COLD! I swam off the pebble beach in Peachland. My nana and Dad cheered me on from a bench on the shore. It was a bit too wavy but I didn't feel sick.

Skaha Lake- 1 K
My last swim of the summer- in the nude! This was pretty cold, as the sun had just set on the Western side of the lake. I had friends waiting for me when I got out. YIP!

Swimming in August

Friday 24th Sep

08/02- 2.5K

My longest swim yet. I crept around the side of Cedar Island, to get a look at the ‘Big Loop’ (a Cedar Loop is ~3.2K). I felt pretty cold after 10 minutes and turned around. Luckily the sun was out, and my fingers unfroze within an hour of getting out. I chatted with John, the organizer of the swim group, about some of his time in the military, fossil fuels, think tanks, etc. 

08/04- 2.2 K

As I rounded the corner of Cedar after my Whiskey, the waves started to give me nausea and I turned around. I was in the water for just under an hour, enjoying the flora and fauna.

08/06- 2K

08/08- 2K

Swim with the Bro-in-Law Bradley. When I showed up at my mother’s house to pick him up, my mom was shocked. “You’re actually serious” she said- as if swimming is not very serious business. On our morning swim, we saw a turtle (first time at Arrowhead), 2 osprey (super close), a heron and some sheepshead drum fish. Brad is a fish and probably had to slow down the motor to keep my ego from collapsing. He was the first person I swam with in a while, and I really appreciated the camaraderie!

08/13- 1.3K

08/16- 2.2K

08/18- 3K

Today was nothing short of an accomplishment! My first Cedar Island Loop! I must have been in the water for over an hour and a half. None of my toes or fingers went numb, which of course was a win. My arms were close to not working by the time I returned. Can’t wait to do it again.

08/23- 1.2K

An evening swim with me, myself, and I. There was some chop. The water is a lot warmer at this time of year, and I have to say it isn’t my favourite. I am missing the frigidity. There are more endorphins when you are very cold.

08/25- 1.2K

A pure struggle this morning. I slept poorly and snoozed my alarm. I got out of bed only because I was meeting a new friend, Sophia, at 7:15 to bike to Arrowhead. The waves weren’t too bad, but still not my ideal swimming conditions. I gave Sophia the ‘Big Buoy’ because she is a fish and I am a duck. We got into a mild traffic jam with some triathlete swimmers. I think we all recovered well, however I had ear plugs and a neoprene hood over top of them...so who knows what really went down?

Swimming in July

Wednesday 7th Jul


07/01- 1.5 K

Once our food was safely digested, Brad (brother-in-law), Kathy (Dad’s partner) and I set off from the cottage. Unsure of how far we wanted to swim, we figured we could make it to a nice beach on the eastern part of the Upper Skootamatta. We took a quick break on the way there, took another five minutes at the beach, and then turned around! Three breaks in total. Neither Kathy nor Brad have swam this year, and both were faster fishies than I. 

07/03- 1.5 K

After taking a day off, Kathy and I set out with a new team in tow. Pascal (other brother-in-kinda-law) set off with Kathy & I, meanwhile Bronwyn (Kathy’s daughter) and her partner Trevor took a softer approach to open-water swimming (doggy-paddle, breaststroke, etc). Keegan (Kathy’s son) took the life-guarding role in a kayak, perusing on our right to keep the sharks at bay. To the beach and back! Only two breaks!

07/05- 1.5 K

We hmmed and hawed a bit about getting in the water on our last day. There was a bit of chop and the sun was shy. Kathy and I were the last remaining members of the ‘Skootamatta Swim Team’, with Keegan in the water for the first part of the swim. Dad followed us in a canoe and then returned with Keegan in tow. Kathy got lake-sick and had to nap afterwards.

Swimming in June

Wednesday 7th Jul


The wetsuit I purchased off MarketPlace ALMOST fit...but I had to ask a random stranger to unzip it the first time I actually swam in it (Mieke: “Sorry, I know its weird with Covid, but I really want this thing off!”). 

I decided to join a swim crew (Crazy KOWS...Kingston Open Water Swimmers) for fun, motivation, and safety. We swam at Coronel by Lake (just outside of Kingston) until the Captain John decided it was time to switch to Arrowhead Beach (clearer, less algae-infested waters) in mid-June. 

I’m the most proud of myself for getting up for early swim starts (7:30) and getting in without a wetsuit- only booties, gloves, a hood and goggles. I have to admit I look ridiculous, and I am loving it.

First Coronel by Lake- 500 m

SOLO! Random man had to unzip my suit, I sat defeated in the water, and then returned to my starting point with my suit half-on. 

First Crazy KOWS Coronel by Lake- roughly 1 K

Exhausted but liberated afterwards. Took probably 6 breaks.

First Arrowhead Swim- 06/11- 500 m? 

Your body tells you when you need to get out, or your limbs will start to go numb.

06/14 Arrowhead- 500 m

06/19 Arrowhead- 500 m

06/25 Arrowhead- 750m

06/28Arrowhead- 1100m!

Swimming in Spring

Thursday 3rd Jun
My first swim of the season was on the May Long Weekend. I was in the water without a wetsuit. The water wasn't quite comfortable enough for my head to go underneath doing front crawl, so my neck felt a bit strained by the end of the swim- about a 450 meter length in Cranberry Lake!

MY next swim was with a wet suit in the deep, mineral-rich waters of Gould Lake. I took off from the dock and did two  laps to the shore and back. 400 meters.

The water was warm enough to do front crawl with my head IN THE WATER! I was pretty excited about this swim as it was my first time swimming comfortably in only my bathing suit this year! A meager 300 meters, with lake weed seemingly attacking my limbs!

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