My birthday fundraiser for Greenpeace

By Annelies Groen

I’m donating my day to fundraise for Greenpeace #BECAUSE......

Presents are always nice but I’d really like you to donate to my #BECAUSE fundraiser for Greenpeace instead. 

I’m donating my 65th birthday because Greenpeace is making a real difference by acting on climate change, working to save our oceans, forests and other vital ecosystems and encouraging sustainable consumption and production.

I know my friends and family care about these issues as much as I do, so please help me reach my fundraising goal by making a donation now.

Every gift counts and together, we will have an incredible impact.

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Stewart Adams

Happy Birthday!




Margherita Repetto Alaia

Keep up the great work on behalf of all of us, thank you !




Janis Rubenzahl

Happy, happy second Covid birthday Annelies! I remember your 60th like it was yesterday. I think we've known each other on this journey for aprox 20 years. So glad we met and really looking forward to seeing you in person SOON! Have a lovely day. Talk soon. BIG virtual hug