I’m getting moving #BECAUSE I want to protect the planet.

By Malcolm, Lachlan, Małgosia and Conan

The Wanderers

I’m getting moving I want to protect the planet

I want to do something to help protect vulnerable people from the worst effects of climate change.

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My target 750 kms

I’m getting moving to fundraise for Greenpeace #BECAUSE....

In the last year, our family has had lots of time to reflect on what's important to us. We've been grateful for our time together, our daily walks, connecting with nature, and the occasional creative project. Which made us wonder: what if we were to combine all of these things and do something good for the planet? 

That's why we've decided to take on a challenge for the month of March. Over the course of 30 days, we'll walk a total of 750 km (collectively!) to raise money for Greenpeace. We'll report on our progress each week and - here's the creative part - share a map, a story, a poem, or a picture featuring some of the things and places we encounter along the way. 

Greenpeace is making a real difference by taking on some of the big issues of our time: acting on climate change; working to save our oceans, forests, and other vital ecosystems; encouraging sustainable consumption and production; and speaking out against injustice. Greenpeace doesn't take any money from governments or corporations - that means it's up to us to make this work possible.

We'd be so grateful if you'd support us - and Greenpeace's work to protect the planet - by making a donation to our #BECAUSE fundraiser. Every gift counts and together, we'll have an incredible impact.

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My Updates

Nature finds a way

Thursday 1st Apr
We've fallen a bit behind on our updates, but not our walking (or fundraising)! 

So let's bring you up to date with a few highlights from the past two weeks: a couple of walks along the Beltline (one with a friend and fellow Wanderer); a walk along a disused railway line by the Brickworks, up to Crothers Wood and Sun Valley (formerly an industrial landfill site, now undergoing natural restoration); and a jaunt down to Lake Ontario on a blustery day, with hot chocolate at the Lucky Penny as a reward. 

Early on, our walks seemed distinctly urban. But later, with the arrival of Spring, we became more and more conscious of the nature around us: we saw green shoots emerge around the Spring solstice and transform into snowdrops, scilla and daffodils; we spotted hawks, including one in its nest; Lachlan and Malcolm encountered a rabbit and Małgosia uncovered a snake hybernaculum near the Brickworks; and, in a magical moment, a great blue heron flew above our heads (and traffic) as we crossed the street on the way home from our longest walk. 

We crossed the 900 km mark at the end of March and are now planning a victory lap (so to speak) with the aim of reaching 1,000 km by Easter. But we won't be able to match a km for every dollar raised - your generosity has outstripped us. And we're so very grateful. 

Bird Encounters

Monday 29th Mar
Over the past month, we've seen and heard many birds. Here are just a few (with one extra, from a January walk)! See how many you recognize...

Malcolm's Monday Map

Tuesday 16th Mar
More neighbourhood mapping...

Sunday Walk

Sunday 14th Mar
Not to scale. :)

Random sighting #2

Sunday 14th Mar
Spotted on Landsdowne at Dupont.

Friday: our biggest day yet

Sunday 14th Mar
Good progress made on Friday, separately and together (over 40 kms)! For our big family outing, we walked past brightly painted garages on Butterfly Lane, along Geary Ave (it was too early to stop at Knockout Ice Cream, unfortunately), through Earlscourt Park (stopping for a snack and to study some trees), and then up to Prospect Cemetery, before winding our way back home. No notable wildlife spotted, but we did enjoy discovering a neighbourhood we'd never explored before.


Sunday 14th Mar
If not for the fundraising challenge, I probably wouldn't have decided to go for an evening walk on Thursday to get in my kms for the day. Very grateful for the incentive and for this beautiful sunset, after a stormy afternoon.

Random sighting #1

Sunday 14th Mar
Spotted on a morning stroll along St Clair. 

Week 1

Tuesday 9th Mar
We're one week into our challenge and have covered a lot of ground - 200 km cumulatively! In addition to the usual walks through the neighbourhood, we trekked up to the north end of Cedarvale Ravine on the weekend and then along the very attractive Ava Road to Spadina before returning home. We've been enjoying the sounds of cardinals, chickadees, woodpeckers and nuthatches and regular red-tailed hawk sightings. The big creative project was creating a map of the city - the challenge now will be exploring as much of it as possible before the month is done! Thanks to all who have supported our wanderings thus far.

Thank you to my donors


Ania Halliop

Thank you for taking on this challenge and sharing your adventures. And thank you to Greenpeace for working to protect the planet!


Bryan Tenenhouse

Thank you for making the world a better place for all of us. What an inspiring family.


Brian And Evelyn

wow! what an awesome adventure. i love the map. I wonder if you will add to it some weird and wonderful things you find?


Rebecca Davies


Paul & Sally-beth Maclean

We salute the happy wanderers at the 834 km mark! A wonderful project for the most important issue of our time.


Ela And Wojtek

Your fundraising walk is a nice contribution to preserving the nature :)


Deborah Mesher

Way to go! Hope to cross you again soon!


Avery, Scott, Rebecca And Hunter

Because badgers and butterflies


Jerzy Zawisza


Mirka Januszkiewicz


Michael Lawson


Todd Tyrtle


Heather Wheldrake

🙌 ❤️


Keith R Jefferson

Good work team.


Heather Posgate


Gina Li

Happy to support you and looking forward to hearing about your adventures along the way!


Jerry And Kim Brodey

Thanks you for your efforts on behalf of the trees, seas, birds and the bees. All of Mother Earth.


Matt Janes

Congrats on your goal Wanderers - I loved your updates!


Jonathan Snow

Walk on!



May you enjoy your walks and have the company of many birds!


Chelsea Lloyd


Lachlan Maclean


Malcolm Maclean

Because dolphins and foxes.


Rhomi Mann

Walking For Health, and Planet! Way to go Conan and family!


Ulrike Hahnewald

Hello dears! What a wonderful fundraiser to do together as a family! We miss you and hope to see you soon! All the best.


Lyf And Jennifer Stolte

This is so great and we are glad to support your efforts. Miss you all and can't wait til the days when we can reconnect in person.


Miriam Wilson

Just a little token of support for your challenge!