I’m challenging myself #BECAUSE I want to protect the planet.

By Hannah Papernick-Yudin

Vegan for a week!

I’m challenging myself I want to protect the planet


I'm doing this #BECAUSE it's time.

I have chosen this challenge as a complete vegan novice  who has been inspired by the movement for quite some time. I have never gone a day without consuming an animal product in some shape or form. Thanks to Instagram accounts like LiveKindly and EasyVegan4U among others, I hope to change that.

I'm mainly doing this #BECAUSE the European and North American winter heat waves of 2023 have really opened my eyes about what is happening to our world. I have worried about the environment for quite some time, but felt powerless to do anything. The recent climate-related events have led to me finally discovering Greenpeace and vowing to do something once and for all.

I value veganism from an ethical standpoint. The factory farming practices that contribute to deforestation, fossil fuel production, ecosystem disruption and animal cruelty, among others, are my motives to eventually become a vegan and inspire those around me to eat fewer animal products, or at least be mindful of their impact on animals and the environment, all of which we wouldn't be here without.

I will keep this blog updated regularly on the meals and snacks I eat in a day, including where I found my recipes. 

FYI my profile pic is the cover for my first picture book, The Winter Solstice, which is inspired by climate change.

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My Updates

Day 7 - DINNER

Wednesday 12th Apr
And finally, the last meal of my challenge!

I came home from my afternoon shift (3-11 at Major Mackenzie LTC, PSW in training) to this amazing meal my mom made. Homemade hummus, store-bought falafel, edamame and salad! A great way to end my week-long challenge.

Day 7 - TREAT

Wednesday 12th Apr
As a year-round hot chocolate gal I decided to try the decadent drink with canned coconut milk.

To be honest, I was disappointed. The coconut milk had an aftertaste and didn't taste fresh at all. It could have been the wrong brand. I got it very cheap and have had way better luck with Thai's Kitchen. I guess you get what you pay for :P

At some point I plan to try homemade oat milk which is super easy to make, you can get the recipe through an app called Tasty. I recall it being one cup of oats to four cups of water, blended and then drained with a cheesecloth.


Wednesday 12th Apr
Nothing special with this one. I have a picture of baked beans here and probably had leftovers for lunch. 

Day 6 - DINNER

Wednesday 12th Apr
Leftover lentil burger with homemade guac and rye bread.

Day 6 - LUNCH

Wednesday 12th Apr
For lunch I made this amazingly simple dish with lentils, rice, and cauliflower rice! Pan fried in some grapeseed oil and duck sauce, the latter which really adds sweetness and flavour. I crave a dish like this often and this definitely hit the spot.


Wednesday 12th Apr
One of my favourite plant based go-tos for breakfast is baked beans. Easily filling and delicious!

Day 5 pt. c

Wednesday 12th Apr
My evening meal was just leftovers from the other days. Sweet potatoes with tvp and roasted veggies. Not creative, not tasteful. Today was definitely an off day for this fundraiser.

Day 5 pt. b

Wednesday 12th Apr
For the afternoon I happened to be at #GreenpeaceToronto for #liasontraining where they had these AMAZING vegan snacks, including chips with guac and plant-based cookies! These people know how to take care of us, and I strongly recommend volunteering here if you live in Toronto and haven't already.

Day 5 pt. a

Wednesday 12th Apr
Although I mostly stuck with my diet this week I did fall off the wagon when it came to updates, so this might be a bit sloppy.

My meals often... mesh together on the weekends, so I'll do this day in parts.

My first "meal" was Isreali salad. I likely had some lentils with it, my favourite vegan go-to for protein.

Day 4 - DINNER

Saturday 25th Mar
Dinner wasn't so creative. My last day at the afternoon shift before the weekend, a leftover enchilada drowned in frozen edamame beans :P Would not advise if you want to feel full and satisfied.

I did kind of break my vow later on... an employee brought this amazing banana bread which probably wasn't vegan. Again, progress and not perfection :)

Day 4 - LUNCH

Saturday 25th Mar
This AMAZING vegan mac n cheese with Daiya cheese, homemade oat milk (one cup of oats blended with four cups of water and then strained with a cheesecloth), flour and penne pasta. I made a roux with 5 tbsp of milk and flour, then added the cheese to taste, kept adding milk to make it smoother before adding the cooked pasta and frozen veggies. Perfection.


Saturday 25th Mar
I had some sweet potato dish I made a while back with texturized vegetable protein  and eggplant. Just mushed it all together... can't say I'm a fan but it was filling.


Friday 24th Mar
This day was mainly leftovers: Veggie burgers for brunch (which was really lunch) with premade lentils and some Daiya dairy-free cheese, and premade lentil soup. Dinner was leftover chickpea curry, one of my favourite go-to dishes for the afternoon shift.

I did stray a little in the evening... had a Philippino sweet bun (forget the brand) at work which probably wasn't vegan, and a Ferraro dark chocolate which had skim milk powder. It is progress and not perfection after all.

Day 2 - DINNER

Friday 24th Mar
I made these amazing vegan burgers which I will share the recipe for. Sauteed mushrooms add a savoury flavour to the lentil, oat and chia-egg base. I used three "chia eggs" (one tbsp of chia seeds to three tbsp of water, let the seeds gel for a chia egg) when the recipe only called for one.

Veggie burgers: https://tasty.co/recipe/mushroom-lentil-burger-fries

Day 2 - LUNCH

Friday 24th Mar
Lunch was a simple, filling dish that I have gotten to craving: Edamame beans roasted in a bit of olive oil and salt. Normally I would make them in the air fryer, but as we don't currently have one I made this on the stovetop. So delicious, and strongly recommended.


Friday 24th Mar
I was inspired by a ricotta pancakes recipe I found a while back to try a vegan version. Since the original recipe had meringue, I combined a vegan meringue recipe with a vegan pancakes recipe and made this pancake scramble. In hindsight I would have added less meringue as it came out very liquidy, but it cooked very well and still tasted delicious. I cooked the batter like an omelette, filling the whole pan (it was very liquidy) and lifting up the sides with a spatula. It came out fluffy and perfect.

Vegan meringue:  https://itdoesnttastelikechicken.com/vegan-meringue-cookies/

Easy vegan pancakes:

Ricotta pancakes (not vegan):

Day 1 - Avocado and cucumber sushi

Wednesday 22nd Mar
Made with sushi rice, rice vinegar, and some ice cube tray method we found on YouTube (don't worry you don't freeze it).

Day 1 - DINNER

Wednesday 22nd Mar
My main dish was more chickpea curry with spaghetti squash, lentils and a few LOADS OF BBQ chips for extra flavour. I had it with some homemade avocado and cucumber sushi, which I will share in the following post. It was made with sushi rice, rice vinegar, and some ice cube tray method we found on YouTube.

FARCE: I also had some salmon that my family was having, in part because I was very hungry. But since I have never been vegan before I still consider today a win.

Day 1 - BRUNCH

Wednesday 22nd Mar
This amazing and simple chickpea curry with salad, avocado and soda crackers. Kept me full and satisfied for hours. I love this dish and take it with me to work all the time. The dish is tomato-based, with mainly canned tomatoes and curry powder as the flavour. Recipe will be posted later.


Wednesday 22nd Mar
My one week vegan pledge has officially started and this is what I had for supper the night before. California rolls, roasted potatoes, and half a turkey leg. I had just come home from work (afternoon shift as a PSW) and the food was waiting for me so I figured "why not".

I have always been a sucker for poultry legs and thighs, which has been part of why trying to go vegan has been so difficult. I have therefore found a solution in reducing these foods gradually, not aiming for 100% perfect, and finding feasible methods of replacing them, finding it easier to eat less of them over time. 

I have moved the date

Sunday 19th Feb
tentatively to March 21. I would like to mentally prepare and sort out some other priorities before starting.

Thank you to my donors


Veronika Cetin

Great cause! Not familiar with Greenpeace Canada but will look into them. Good luck with going vegan 😇