I’m doing what I love #BECAUSE I want to protect the planet.

By Jesse Firempong

Whittle by whittle!

I’m doing what I love I want to protect the planet

I’m doing what I love to fundraise for Greenpeace #BECAUSE.......

I love tiny utensils, fighting for a better world and now I live in the woods! What would happen if I combined all three of these things ?

I'm going to learn how to hand carve wooden utensils (and maybe even other stuff) with fallen and salvaged wood from around my house. I'll document it and share it online in case other folx want to learn too!

I'm doing this #BECAUSE I feel more than ever that nature is healing and has to be protected. Plus fossil fuel companies knew their oil & gas products were hurting us and causing the climate crisis but lied about it. And we know it's going to hit the the Global South the worst. Gonna do something fun to help protect each other, this time by powering the work of the kickass crew of humans at Greenpeace Canada who are holding these companies accountable!

As I learn, I'll send a little spoon or cheese knife or SURPRISE to peeps who support my fundraiser.

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Got my tools and some templates

Thursday 18th Mar
I've got my tools (a small hook knife and a 3" straight edge knife) and I'm going to start with trying to make a small wooden spoon. More updates soon!

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Coolest idea Jesse!! Here's a little token of support from me xox