I’m getting moving #BECAUSE I want to protect the planet.

By Lara Stewart-Panko

Shake It to Make It

I’m getting moving I want to protect the planet

Ontario lands, water, flora, fauna and people deserve protection and wellbeing!

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I’m getting moving to fundraise for Greenpeace #BECAUSE....

I'm dancing for 8 hours straight on Friday, June 4th to raise money for Greenpeace in support of their participation in a lawsuit on behalf of Ontarians. Any and all are welcome to join me online to shake a tail feather, and most importantly, I ask that you donate to my #BECAUSE fundraiser with any dollar amount you're inspired to. Every gift counts and together, we will have a meaningful impact.

Alongside other groups, Greenpeace is taking the Ford government to court as the government violated the Environmental Bill of Rights which includes the legal requirement to have at least 30 days of public consultation when any major changes to the Environmental Assessment Act are proposed. On the contrary, in July, 2020, the government pushed through Bill 197 - COVID-19 Economic Recovery Act. The Bill amended 20 pieces of legislation, including the Environmental Assessment Act, the Planning Act, and other environmental laws. The serious, far-reaching impacts have already been felt with an unprecedented number of MZOs being issued, leading to commercial development of environmentally-sensitive lands.

We know the way forward is economic recovery that incorporates sound environmental measures. The future requires us to be ethical residents and guardians of Ontario, and the present makes it a moral imperative.

I know you care about yourself, your family, your community, the land and water that makes your life possible, and the flora and fauna that share and make Ontario. Join me in defraying the legal expenses Greenpeace is shouldering on behalf of Ontarians. As an independent organization, Greenpeace operates entirely on donations, and they are doing work for you, me, our kids, our planet. Every dollar makes a difference. Yours in community,


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Lauren Tolhurst

Thank you for your dedication to such an important cause. Will be thinking of you tomorrow !


Sue Phillips

Dance, dance, dance!


Michelle Haché


Nicole Ledoux


Irene Stewart


Mike Wood Daly

Feeling grateful for and inspired by your commitment to this!




Cheryl Stewart



Hawley Denn

Great cause! Good luck.


Wil Stuart

You are so awesome.


Megan, Philip, Quinn And Chloe

Miss you Lara! Great event, great cause


Nicole Mchardy

Go Lara!!!!!!!!!! We miss you!


Anne Tolhurst

You go girl!


Katie West

Thanks for dancing to support Greenpeace supporting Ontario nature!


Sandy Bozak

Dancin' Queen....you goooooo Much love


Tamara Deneault

You go girl!!


Anne Weeks


Susan Martin

Thanks for doing this!



Good luck!


Klaus Klug






Mike Wood Daly

In support of your added goal to raise $215. Here os the $15


Leroy Lim



You did it!


Patricia Roque