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Creating Change One Step at A Time

Creating Change One Step at A Time

For the month of September I'll be going for walks every day rain or shine, picking up litter along the way. 
Our Earth is so important and we need to take care of it. Little acts can go along way. 
With how extreme the weather has been this summer, heat domes in certain places and fires blazing, to floods in other parts of the world it's undeniable that our planet needs our help to balance out before things become treacherous. 
Greenpeace I feel is a excellent organization that truly cares for our planet. 
Will you help me reach my goal with a donation or share my page? Anything helps :) 

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My Updates

Many Thanks From My Fam To Yours

Saturday 2nd Oct
As I promised John dressed like a bear lol. Many thanks to all who supported me along my September Journey of raising money for a Great organization and Mother Earth thanks you too, because now Greenpeace will be able to use the money in magnificent ways to keep fighting to keep our planet clean and healthy. All our "kids" animals are super happy too! Yay for helping us live in a better World ;)

We Did It!

Sunday 26th Sep
Thank-you everyone who donated generously to my fundraiser, we made it to my goal! With less than a week left in September it's perfect timing. I did promise a BIG surprise and will follow through. At my halfway point I dressed like a rainbow Unicorn and walked down Commercial Drive to raise money. This is the point where I asked my partner if he'd be willing to do something with me once I reach my goal. I asked him to dress like a Bear lol and come around with me on a walk. He hesitantly agreed ;) Once the rain lets up a bit we will go on our Uni-Bear adventure (the costumes really can't get wet), I'll post pictures of course. For now my solo walks and collecting litter will still continue until the end of the month. So Happy to have reached my goal :)

Company Around

Wednesday 22nd Sep
There's always something around to keep you company ;) I believe no matter where you are, there's energy whether you can physically see it or not. It's best to be like a kid at heart and let your imagination guide you, this way you can always live in a playful way. It was magical walk, like a fairytale, walking along the dirt paths in Delta at South Arm Marsh. I met lots of woodland creatures to say hello to, some riddles to solve as I approached a bridge and even a troll under it! Don't worry, he was friendly lol. Even on this fun walk I found some garbage, tucked by a tree condoms! Yuck. It was kind close to a fairy's home... well I guess they had a "good" time (HA!).

Rain or Shine

Sunday 19th Sep
The last few days have been rainy although today was a bit lighter. I lucked out with only a few sprinkles. Now Friday was a different story, the rain pelleted down all day, which was glorious for all the dry trees and vegetation around. This was a day I skipped picking up trash because it's just too messy to do so. My walk was short and I decided to do the stairs in my condo instead. We live on the 24th floor, so I believe it's a good climb. Focusing on my connection with breath. Rain or shine. Actually I seem to enjoy rain over direct sun on me. Falling into autumn I'm so joyful and alive with all the new colures, smells and coolness that has come. Taking comfort in the cozy feeling the different shades of clouds and the flecks of light seen through them, knowing the sun is always present but hiding in their embrace.

Magical Unicorn Walk

Wednesday 15th Sep
Yay! Receiving a donation yesterday got me to the 50% mark which was perfect timing for my Unicorn walk. Today was my day off and Greenpeace's 50th Birthday. It took a lot of courage to put my costume on to walk the streets of commercial drive by myself, but I did it and I'm happy I did. I met some really nice people and raised $28.30 in an hour! Thank-you all for your generosity. Change here or there adds up. Hmm now what surprises do I have in store once I reach my goal. Check in to find out!

Times of Change

Saturday 11th Sep
This past week I've been quiet with postings, Monday morning my mom peacefully passed away. Although it is sad news, I know she's always with me, in my heart and as I do my daily walks I can see her in the beautiful nature that surrounds me. A changing leaf, a gentle breeze that caresses my face, a joyful hummingbird drinking the nectar from a flower.
Connecting with nature gives me strength, peace and solitude knowing her energy is surrounding me at all times. 
I can smile or let out a tear with the cherished memories that my mind wanders into, feeling her warmth, generosity and love all around.  

Raining Cats and Dogs ;)

Sunday 5th Sep
Wearing my doggie rainboots today just incase. The rain ended late last night, but there's still clouds in the sky. I picked up some trash just before going into my clients in Burnaby and on my lunch break in Surrey. Getting close to a full bag now! After dinner my honey and I will stroll around our neighborhood, it's cleared up making it for a lovely evening to enjoy some nature.

Lynn Loop Today

Saturday 4th Sep
One of my favorites to do. My partner and I hiked around Lynn Loop for almost 2 hrs, We lucked out and had mostly overcast cooler weather and a tiny bit of rain for the last 15 minutes. 
Today I picked up a bit of garbage in the parking lot and was pleased to see non along the trail :) 

Bagging It

Saturday 4th Sep
For my mobile massage business I get my linens washed my an Eco friendly company. They return clean linens in these green compostable bags, usually I'm left with a couple which I thought I can use these for collecting garbage! At home we use them as garbage bags as well. Reduce, reuse, recycle ;)

Every Bit Helps

Friday 3rd Sep
With being so busy in life I thought how can I make positive change each day? 

Instead of playing a game on my phone when I have a break I thought, 'Hey, I could pick up litter I see on the Street!'... so that's what I've been doing. 

My business is mobile, I'm driving around to different cities. Today I was in Richmond, yesterday in Burnaby where I started my walking/picking up trash journey. Even 10 mins will help clean the Earth a little more. 

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You’re doing great! Thank you for fundraising and helping keep us green!


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Wonderful to do for our Earth. Good luck!




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Amazing people handing me change as I walk down the street on Commercial Drive, thank you all so much! Together we're helping our planet 💕


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Getting closer one step at a time! Way to go Linda :)



Awesome things you're doing for mother Earth 💗


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Bless you Linda for enjoying nature.