I’m getting moving #BECAUSE I want to protect the planet.

By Morgan Steacy

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I’m getting moving to fundraise for Greenpeace #BECAUSE....

Every January, I feel full a burst of energy and optimism for the new year. My routines get tighter. My focus clearer. But my running takes a hit because of the cold.

This January, I am going to run for the planet we all love. The planet that needs our energy, our focus, and our solidarity.

I'm asking you to donate to my #BECAUSE fundraiser because Greenpeace is making a real difference by acting on climate change, working to save our oceans, forests and other vital ecosystems and encouraging sustainable consumption and production.

I know you care about creating a world full of hope for the next generation, so please give what you can.

Together, we can make the change we need.

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Trudy Wong

So proud of you!


Sid Choudhuri


Miriam Wilson

You can do it Morgan!!


Anna Crawford

An excellent goal!


Stephanie Hulse

You got this Morgan! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻