I’m doing what I love #BECAUSE I want to protect the planet.

By Pepper Oni

I’m doing what I love to fundraise for Greenpeace #BECAUSE.......

I'm a dog and although I love and depend on humans, I'm not a fan of the anthropocentrism of the western worldview that is killing the planet... This is my way of asking you to please put us "more-than-humans"* at the center for a change! And more walks please!

*all beings including plants, animals, insects, fungi, microorganisms, rivers, lakes, forests etc -and dogs

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My Updates

more river walks!

Thursday 21st Jul
Today was so fun! Walking with 2 small dogs and a baby stroller by the river. I got so hot and thirsty. Then I drank some water. 

From my human companion..

Monday 18th Jul
They said to a friend:
 "I'm slightly embarrassed to be fundraising for Greenpeace when there's so many other local things that need more attention and support...and slightly shameful to exploit a dog for performativity sake..but hey, Pepper loves walks!
Sometimes it's the low hanging fruit. Hahaha"

It's true, I do love walks! Yay walks!

walking by the river!

Monday 18th Jul
Today we went for a walk by the Graves Bridge boat launch on the pathway by the Bow River. It was the perfect temperature, not too hot, not too cold. We were remembering the heat dome at this time last year when it was too hot to go for a walk. This year it's nice here but too hot in Europe. Lucky us?

let's go for a walk!

Saturday 16th Jul
Walk! Go for a walk! Yay! Let's go for a walk! Awoooo!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Idalyn Louis

Keep it up, Pepper👏❗️


Philip Mccutcheon

Well said Pepper!. Climate failing. Walks can be tough right now. Must do better/different. :)


Bumblebee Hwang

I also love walking and swimming in creeks! I hope I get to enjoy the earth for as long as I live.



Dear Pepper, You rock! Love, Shadow


Russell Edworthy

Some humans do care, Pepperoni. Let's try to figure this big problem out! And let's go for a walk!


Erin Mcfarlane


Sister Frances

I wish we could go for a walk together. I would show you all my favourite smells.


Margaret Jenkins

I'm always up for a walk Pepper! 🌶️🫑 your friend, Coco 🐶❤️


Sunny ? Donut


Alex Samur

Run Pepper Run! Hope to see you again soon, Alex & Rafa


Kiara The Rescue, Woof!

Good job Pepper!!