I’m challenging myself #BECAUSE I want to protect the planet.

By Rob Stolz

Rob's challenge to save friends and families children lives

I’m challenging myself I want to protect the planet

I'm challenging myself #because I don't want the kids growing up be subjected to doomsday on my beha

I’m challenging myself to fundraise for Greenpeace #BECAUSE.....

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Bio fuel vs wind turbines in Saskatchewan

Monday 18th Jul
I hope I did this math wrong but I am certain it is correct. It doesn't look good for bio diesel anyway but might be good for farmers that are looking to grow food. 15000 acres of canola to get a land cruiser 30 million km but 2 acres of 2 MWH wind turbine to get a Tesla over 30 million km At a time when food prices are high and people are hungry, we do not want to feed our cars. Not to mention the land changing from chemical sprays and resources lost to make this happen. This is as far from green as it can get. For what it costs for that canola crushing plant we need to be farming around 1/4 of the farmable land in SK with canola for a similar amount of bio diesel energy that 2000 acres of electricity from wind turbines provides. 2 billion dollars worth of wind turbines on 2000 acres provides similar amounts of energy. It will take 15 million acres of canola grown for 20 years to equal the same mileage as 2 billion dollars of 2 MWH wind turbines over 2000 acres. That is enough to get 2 million bio diesel land cruisers 15 thousand km at 15 million acres or 2 million Tesla's 15 thousand km at 2000 acres for 20 years with the upfront cost and maintenance while providing food to real people.