I’m doing what I love #BECAUSE I want to protect the planet.

By Sejal Purewal

I’m doing what I love to fundraise for Greenpeace #BECAUSE.......

I’m doing something I love to help save the planet we all love 🌍❤️.

I’d really like you to donate to my #BECAUSE fundraiser because Greenpeace is making a real difference by acting on climate change, working to save our oceans, forests and other vital ecosystems and encouraging sustainable consumption and production.

I am doing a 30 day challenge to create and share my works of abstract art every day to fundraise for Greenpeace Canada.

Sharing my work is not easy for me as an artist, but I am challenging myself to get past my fears and display my work in order to do my part to protect this beautiful planet that we all share.

Please help me in reaching my fundraising goal in any amount that you can. 

Every gift counts and together, we will have an incredible impact💕

Thanks so much!!

My Achievements

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My Updates

Day 18

Monday 19th Jul
Older experimental piece with texturized sari materials.

Day 17

Thursday 15th Jul
This is a closeup of a piece I made for my house thats in my family room :)

Day 16

Wednesday 14th Jul
Close up of a new piece

Day 15

Monday 12th Jul
Just experimenting...

Day 14

Sunday 11th Jul
Closeup of an old piece called "Indian Sunset"

Day 13

Saturday 10th Jul
Title: Spring has sprung

Day 12

Thursday 8th Jul
Title: Soul Renewal
Acrylic on canvas. 16 by 20 inches

Day 11

Wednesday 7th Jul
Title: Turquoise Dream
 Acrylic on canvas. 32 inches by 39 inches.

Day 10

Tuesday 6th Jul
Title: Pink Frenzy
Acrylic on canvas 28 by 35 inches

Day 9

Wednesday 30th Jun
Title: Crossroads
 Acrylic on canvas 16 by 20 inches.

Day 8

Tuesday 29th Jun
Title;Gold Rush. 24 by 30 inches.

Day 7

Sunday 27th Jun
This is a work in progress. Stay tuned for the finished one!

Day 6

Sunday 27th Jun
Sorry for the late post!
Title: Graffiti
24 by 30 inches. Acrylic on canvas

Day 5

Friday 25th Jun
This was an experimental piece. Title: Cool Breezes.

Day 4

Thursday 24th Jun
Title: Lotus Flowers. This was a fun experimental piece using texturized paper on canvas.

Day 3

Wednesday 23rd Jun
Title: Neon Circus.  Acrylic on canvas.  I texturize the paper and used mixed media to create it. 20 inches by 20 inches.

Day 2 of sharing my art

Tuesday 22nd Jun
Title of this mixed media piece is "Waterfall". Acrylic on canvas. 31 inches width by 39 inches length.

Day 1 of sharing my art!

Monday 21st Jun
This is a mixed media piece using acrylics on canvas.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Ranjan Vyas

Well done. So proud of you and your help for the environment.




Santokh And Baldev Purewal

Keep up the good work!



Way to go Bhabs!! Reena & I are so impressed with this effort to try and help change. I would have preferred that you were on a dingy, spray-painting the side of a nuclear submarine. But this works too!!


Sareena Khatkur


Madhavi Ladha

Fantastic job Sejal for a wonderful cause!!


Michelle Rotchell

Love the painting you posted on my birthday! Beautiful work Sejal.


Harpreet Bsati

Thank you for taking the beautiful initiative. I am so proud of you!!!


Simran Kaur

Good luck my dear, planet protection is such a critical path


Sonia Dhaliwal

There is no act better than the act to preserve nature. Thank you for the opportunity for us to get involved.


Gurdeep Sidhu

Great Initiative Sejal! Thanks for sharing your artwork.


Shami B


Monique Melanson

Dear Sejal, Thank you for supporting the environment through your art and your work. I too believe we can make a difference if we all work together. Monique : )


Alison Radford

Thank you for organizing this very important fundraiser. Your artwork is beautiful, Sejal!



Love all the pieces - great job Sej!


Prashna Singh

Sejal, Well done on an amazing initiative. Your artwork is incredible. Thank you for sharing your passion, creativity and talent.




Vanipriya Sripada

Great initiative Sejal. Glad to be part of it!


Pam Leibold

Keep up the great work Sej! I'm so proud of you.



This is a great initiative! Thank you for doing this.


Kamaljit Kaur


Satyaki Jana


Siqi Kong

Thank you Mme Purewal!