I’m challenging myself to fundraise for Greenpeace #BECAUSE.....

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Save Amazon

I’m challenging myself

I believe the earth won't be able to breathe if we lose Amazon.

I’m challenging myself to fundraise for Greenpeace #BECAUSE.....

I’m taking on an exciting personal challenge to help address the environmental challenges we face.

I really hope you’ll support me by donating to my #BECAUSE fundraiser for Greenpeace. I’m doing this because Greenpeace is making a real difference by acting on climate change, working to save our oceans, forests and other vital ecosystems and encouraging sustainable consumption and production.

I know my friends, family and colleagues care about these issues as much as I do, so please help me reach my fundraising goal by making a donation now. Every gift counts and together, we will have an incredible impact.

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My Updates

19th Day of the Challenge

Saturday 19th Jun
Today I made a sketch of a bald uakari. To be honest, this was my third attempt at making a sketch of this bizarre looking monkey. The bald uakari in the reference picture had a very intense look - somewhat surprised and somewhat fearful and I did not do a good job in making his/her portrait. Anyways, these primates are found in the upper Amazonian region of western Brazil, eastern Peru and possibly in southern Columbia. These animals are threatened by habitat destruction and hunting. They are also used as baits. Alas, only if humans in general had compassion for these poor creatures...

18th Day of the Challenge

Friday 18th Jun
Happy Friday all! 
Today's subject is Blue Throated Macaw. This vibrant, beautiful bird is found in Bolivia. They were listed as endangered in 2011. 

17th Day of the Challege

Thursday 17th Jun
 Hello all! Today's subject is The Brumback's night monkey. They are primarily found in Columbia and were listed as endangered in 2008. As the name suggests, these monkeys are nocturnal in nature. Night monkeys have large eyes that help them with night vision. Their ears are almost hidden giving them the name 'Aotus' meaning earless! Night monkeys are threatened by habitat loss, pet trade (cannot imagine why on earth people would have them as pet!), and hunting for bushmeat. 

16th Day of the Challenge

Wednesday 16th Jun
Hello everyone! Welcome to the 16th day of the challenge!
  Today's subject is Giant Armadillo. Do you know a fun fact about armadillos? They are the only mammals to wear such shells. And do you know what the saddest thing about this cute harmless creature is? They are critically endangered! They were listed as endangered in 1976. 

  Giant Armadillos have suffered habitat loss due to agricultural development and human settlement, and they are also over-hunted by the humans for food. The farmers also kill them as they are thought to damage crops. Sigh! This challenge has been difficult for me! I can't imagine what these poor creatures go through!  

15th Day of the Challenge

Tuesday 15th Jun
Alright so I am halfway through my challenge! It has been fun 15 days of sketching and knowing about endangered species every day. So it is not always fun when I get to know how rapidly we are losing such precious animals from earth because of human activities and also inactions.
   Today's subject is commonly known as river turtle or Magdalena river turtle, Podocnemis lewyana which is one of the planet’s 25 most imperiled freshwater turtles. This species is endemic to Colombia, as it only occurs in the Magdalena and Sinú Rivers. Swamps, canals, flooded areas and rivers are its home. It is mainly herbivorous and frugivorous, although occasionally it is also carnivorous. Even though sandy beaches are its favorite nesting places, it also nests in different types of terrains near the edge of certain riverbeds.

14th Day of the Challenge

Monday 14th Jun
 Hello all and Happy Monday! Today's subject is The oncilla, also known as the northern tiger cat, little spotted cat, and tigrillo, is a small spotted cat ranging from Central America to central Brazil. It is listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List, and the population is threatened by deforestation and conversion of habitat to agricultural land. 

13th Day of the Challenge

Sunday 13th Jun
Hello all! It is already day 13th and it is a Sunday. Used my time in the afternoon to make this sketch on Blonde Capuchin Monkey. They are found in Amazon and have been listed as endangered since 2008. 

12th Day of the Challenge

Sunday 13th Jun

Didn't get a chance to make this post yesterday so apologies!


   Yesterday I made a Giant River Otter. I came across these fellows in the Philadelphia zoo. Must say that they were one of the cutest creatures in the zoo. They go absolutely crazy when the zookeepers arrive with food and boy they are loud! These otters have been listed as endangered in 2008. I was reading an article today itself that said in May the rate of deforestation has been highest and Bolsenaro is delivering empty promises. I have no clue honestly what we are doing to this earth!

11th Day of the Challenge

Friday 11th Jun
  Today's subject is Pink Dolphin of Amazon Rainforest. Do you know when these dolphins are young their color is grey? Their color turns pink gradually as they grow old! The intensity of the pink color depends on various factors such as diet, how much sunlight they are exposed to, behavior, placement of their capillaries etc. Also they get pinker when they are excited (how cute!). The experts are still not sure of the reasons for this strange color!

10th Day of the Challenge

Thursday 10th Jun
Can't believe that it is already 10 days! Also I must admit sketching an endangered species every single day has been pretty depressing. Every time I draw an animal and then look it up - I get only grim information about them. Like 'less than 50 left in the wild' or 'barely seen these days'.. But I guess that is what the challenge is all about. Can't let ignorance sway me away from the fact that Amazon is being destroyed every single day and we are not doing much about it.
  Anyways, today's subject is Belem Curassow! Hope you like this!

9th Day of the Challenge

Thursday 10th Jun
I forgot to post this last night! So here we go!

 Today's subject is White Nosed Saki. These strangely looking bearded monkeys have a nose which is reddish in color so they are also known as red nosed saki. They were listed as endangered in 2008 and are found in Brazil.

8th Day of the Challenge

Tuesday 8th Jun
Hello all! 
Hope you all enjoyed your Tuesday! Today I made a colorful sketch of Gualecenita Stubfoot Toad. They were enlisted as endangered in 2004. They are primarily found in Ecuador. 
  I hope you are enjoying my artwork and please don't forget to donate! Thank you and good night!

7th Day of the challenge

Monday 7th Jun
Today I made a sketch of Brazilian Merganser. It is estimated that there are less than 250 of these birds left in the world. They are in danger to such an extent that very little is even known about their traditional breeding techniques and style.

  The most common threat for these ducks is down to humans. As industry and agriculture has expanded, their habitats have become smaller and even degraded. Polluted water is also a big contributor to their demise. Soil erosion, dam building, deforestation - all the human activities have rapidly taken away their habitat from them. I guess how we would feel and react when our homes are taken away by some other species. Maybe go for an all out war?   

6th Day of the Challenge

Sunday 6th Jun
Hello all! This is the 6th day of the challenge and today I made a sketch of a White Cheeked Spider Monkey. They are found in the rainforests of Brazil. Hope you liked it! 

5th Day of the Challenge

Saturday 5th Jun
Hello all! Am going strong on day 5! Today I made a sketch of Lowland Tapir or Central American Tapir. They look strangely beautiful. They are found mostly in Columbia and Ecuador. They were listed as endangered species in 2008.
  Hope you are enjoying my work! 

4th Day of the Campaign

Friday 4th Jun
  Today I did something with colors - a Glaucous Macaw! Like a lot of other animals these birds too are critically endangered. They are found in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. Such a shame that these vibrant colored beautiful birds are facing the threat of imminent extinction while the rainforest is being destroyed for agricultural purposes to feed over populated human beings. Do you think this is 'okay'? 

3rd Day of the Campaign

Thursday 3rd Jun
Hope you all enjoyed your Thursday! Today I  made a sketch of Goeldi's Monkey or Goeldi's marmoset. These primates were listed as endangered in 2008. They are found in the upper Amazon basin region of Bolivia, Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador and Peru. Don't you think humans being the smartest primates have the responsibility to take care of the fellow primates on this planet?

2nd Day of the challenge

Wednesday 2nd Jun
I felt like doing something colorful today. Something that would cheer me up (not sure why I was kind of down). So here we go - a colorful Carabaya Stubfoot Toad. These cute little fellows are found in Peru. Unfortunately they are endangered today (was listed as endangered in 2004). I feel this is so unfair, every being on this earth has a right to live. Nothing should be pushed to extinction because of our selfishness - the planet does not belong to humans only. Do you agree? 

1st Day of the challenge

Tuesday 1st Jun
Okay - So here we go! On day one I made a sketch of Rio Branco Antbird. This bird was listed as endangered in 2008.

   The rainforests of Brazil and Guyana is the home for these beautiful gorgeous black birds.

Why am I doing this?

Monday 31st May

In 2019 the fire started in the Amazonian rainforests captured global headlines, caught people’s attention as this obviously was a grave sign of rapidly degenerating climate condition. The human race generally being laser focused on economic prosperity often collectively lose sight of the ongoing damage this earth is suffering because of the choices we make every day to make our lives convenient. Such a devastating fire perhaps is the scream from the earth letting us know that it cannot take anymore.

  Amazon is the home for a huge diverse wildlife. So many of those are already endangered thanks to human activities such as agricultural expansion, wood extraction and infrastructure expansion. The fire in amazon have kind of been the last nail on their coffin. The fire is not only engulfing those wildlives but also the indigenous people of Amazonia.

 So, one might think, ‘fine – I understand the animals are dying, Amazonian tribes are getting affected, but how is it affecting me?’ Well, to understand the importance of Amazon, I guess one needs to understand the importance of lungs in the human body. Just like the lungs absorb the oxygen from air, Amazon rainforest absorbs the CO2 for plants and gives us back the oxygen we need to survive. Humans have been massively pumping CO2 into air by burning fossil fuels and Amazon had been instrumental in acting as a carbon sink keeping the air breathable. Now the same human race is now also gradually and steadily destroying this rainforest in the name of economy. To me it is like a person with a lung cancer smoking a cigarette because a puff brings some temporary sense of joy or relief. But do we actually want to be that guy who smokes cigarette while suffering from lung cancer?

  When I joined this amazing fund-raising event of GreenPeace, I asked myself – what will be the most important reason for me to start a campaign? What is that I want people to be more aware of? What is that I feel everyone should fight for? Well, it didn’t take me more than a second – it had to be Amazon.

  My hobby is creating artwork – in form or painting or simply sketching. I thought it will be a great opportunity to turn my artwork into a fund-raising event where I will challenge myself to make a sketch an endangered species of Amazon every single day and with that reach out to people for donation. That way I can convey my message to people, bring awareness and at the same time raise money for GreenPeace to build a sustainable future. 

Thank you to my donors




Dhriti Sinha

Great endeavor Snighdho!



Keep fighting the good fight.


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You are a héroe to all of us who love and respect nature.




Snigdhodeep Mukherjee


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Great initiative Snigdho ! Beautiful artworks and admire your dedication.


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Great endeavor. Hope you can reach your goal soon



The art work is beautiful Deep! Let’s celebrate in Yats soon!


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Keep up the good work!!