I'm fundraising for Greenpeace #BECAUSE...

Our planet needs our help. For too long we have taken her for granted. We need her. We love her.

I'm fundraising for Greenpeace #BECAUSE...

There are too many people and animals suffering from the extreme heat that humans have caused.

I'm fundraising for Greenpeace #BECAUSE...

I want to help make a cleaner environment for my kids and children across the world.

I'm fundraising for Greenpeace #BECAUSE...

I want to help make a cleaner environment for my kids and children across the world.

Starting your own fundraiser is easier than you think


Decide to raise funds to protect the planet.


Choose what type of fundraiser you’d like to do from the four options below.


Create your fundraiser! Sign up is quick and easy, and we’re here to help every step of the way.

Choose the activity that’s right for you

It takes just a few minutes to start your own #BECAUSE fundraiser — the first step is to choose the type that suits you.

Challenge Yourself

Go 30 days without plastic, walk to work for a week, dress like a polar bear… give yourself any creative or meaningful challenge and donors will respond.

Donate Your Day

Get everyone to skip the birthday, anniversary or wedding presents and donate to your fundraiser instead.

Do What You Love

Hold a virtual dance party, knit scarves, livestream your gaming. Do whatever you love and friends will support you. 

Get Moving

Pick your favorite physical activity and have everyone support your run, swim, skate, climb, bike ride or adventure.

#BECAUSE we love this place!

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Your impact

Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action. Together, we can expose environmental destruction, hold companies and governments to account and work toward a sustainable future.

Every #BECAUSE fundraiser supports Greenpeace’s work in three key areas


We not only challenge destructive fossil fuel producing industries and big polluters, but actively support renewable energy solutions.


A healthy environment is essential to a green and peaceful world. We help protect nature in all its biodiversity.


Let’s define ourselves by what we contribute, not what we consume. We work to change habits of unsustainable consumption and production to ensure we live within our planet’s limits.