Anna and Kieran's Wedding Gift

By Anna Crawford

A perfect present for us is a donation to Greenpeace Canada.

We would be pretty stoked if you helped us keep this planet around for another good few decades - we're pretty into it as our home!

As you are likely aware, we are both quite into snow and ice. We're both seeing the impact of climate change on our passions, and no less our friends, family, and the landscapes that we love. 

Thank you very much for your donation. Every gift counts! Let's do what we can for our home. 

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Dixie Smith


The Mctaggarts (s,g,d,j)

Happy wedding day! Thank you for the inspired gift registry option.


Steve And Iliana Agnew


Anne Downes/laurie Mcdermott

Congratulations Anna and Kieran


Derek Mueller And Katie Breen


Kacy Lecours

To honor and celebrate the marriage of Anna Crawford and Kieran Jones.


Ellison Cole

Congratulations Anna and Kieran


Jeff Aldred


Matthew Moxley And Charlynn Lecompte


Barbara Blair


Steve Zan & Della Wilkinson

A great choice for donations!