Chantelle's Birthday

By Chantelle Poon

I’m donating my day to fundraise for Greenpeace #BECAUSE......

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Monday 19th Sep
If you know me well (or maybe even not so well) you’ll know the environment is an issue close to my heart.

I’ve always done my best to do my part  and to try to influence others to do the same whenever I can.

Greenpeace is an organization that is able to (with financial support) do more than any one person can do. 

There are so many wonderful charitable organizations out there, but if you have the ability, please consider donating to Greenpeace on my behalf. 

Or, if you can’t, make a small change in your life for me: carry reusable cutlery or straws, use silk dental floss, refill your shampoo bottles…

Thank you to my Sponsors


Carolyn Poon


Chantelle Poon



Hi honey. I will gladly support your cause. Proud of you that you care and are making an effort..


Richard Woo


Kim Family

Wishing you a very happy birthday, Chantelle. Lots of love from, Mike, Lisa, and the kids



Happy Birthday! All the best from Lisa and Trevor :)