I’m challenging myself #BECAUSE I want to protect the planet.

By Manali Kulkarni

I’m challenging myself to fundraise for Greenpeace #BECAUSE.....

I’m hoping to highlight one beautiful reason through every painting why we need protect our Planet. 

I really hope you’ll support me by donating to my #BECAUSE fundraiser for Greenpeace. I’m doing this because Greenpeace is making a real difference by acting on climate change, working to save our oceans, forests and other vital ecosystems and encouraging sustainable consumption and production.

I know my friends, family and colleagues care about these issues as much as I do, so please help me reach my fundraising goal by making a donation now. Every gift counts and together, we will have an incredible impact.

My Progress

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My Updates

Day 30

Thursday 30th Sep
Cherry blossoms in a snowy night

Day 28

Wednesday 29th Sep
For day 28, here's contribution by my mother!

Day 28

Tuesday 28th Sep
Small lady bug on a big flower

Day 27

Monday 27th Sep
Looking into shallow waters

Day 26

Sunday 26th Sep
In celebration of the autumn season 🍂

Day 25

Saturday 25th Sep
Dawn, at the forest floor

Day 24

Friday 24th Sep
Bird and leaves 💚

Day 23

Thursday 23rd Sep
Many species of this widely popular creature are endangered in past decade due to human encroachment into their natural habitat.

Day 21

Tuesday 21st Sep
The maple leaf symbolize balance, offering, practical magic, promise, longevity, generosity, and intelligence!

Day 20

Monday 20th Sep
Some branches from a tree on mountain top to give you some peace

Day 19

Sunday 19th Sep
Thank you Fatima for your donation! There's bubbles watching the moon!

Day 18

Saturday 18th Sep
Bioluminescence is widely seen in marine animals living in deep and dark depths of the oceans

Day 17

Friday 17th Sep
The Sunflower is widely known as a 'happy' flower signifying vitality!

Day 16

Thursday 16th Sep
Northern Lights are something straight out of a Fantasy Book and signifies auspiciousness and guide of spirit in many cultures.

Day 15

Wednesday 15th Sep
50 years ago today a crew of twelve planned to set sail in Phyllis Cormack to halt nuclear tests in Amchitka Island, the crew later became Greenpeace.

Day 14

Tuesday 14th Sep
This painting commission towards my lovely sponsor Deepa, symbolizing beautiful evolution!

Day 13

Monday 13th Sep
One third of land mass is covered by desert, which is approximately 9.5% of the Earth's total surface.

Day 12

Sunday 12th Sep
In many East Asian Cultures, the goldfish is considered as a good omen, signifying wealth, fortune and good luck.

Day 11

Saturday 11th Sep
Gifting Bonsai Trees symbolize harmony, peace, an order of thoughts, balance and all that is good in nature.

Day 10

Friday 10th Sep
Every part of the coconut tree, from the roots to the leaves, is used by different cultures throughout the world!

Day 9

Thursday 9th Sep
Waterfalls in full moonlight :)

Day 8

Wednesday 8th Sep
Polar bear population has decreased 40% due to reduced natural habitat in the past decade.

Day 7

Tuesday 7th Sep
Pink flowers were used as communication element in medieval European art to emphasize complexity of the central object.

Day 6

Monday 6th Sep
Please enjoy some snow covered mountain in evening light.

Day 5

Sunday 5th Sep
Just a beautiful sunrise on a beach to brighten your day :)

Day 4

Saturday 4th Sep
The "Panda Diplomacy" is marked by gifts of Panda bears to Japanese and American zoos by China and seen as the first cultural exchange between China and the West.

Day 3

Friday 3rd Sep
In many cultures around the world, Rose symbolize wisdom, joy and romance and come is more than 15 hues!

Day 2

Thursday 2nd Sep
This 'Critically Endangered' species of fruit, Madagascar Banana is used through cross-pollination to create disease resistant variety that millions of us eat everyday.

Day 1

Wednesday 1st Sep
Narwhal are unique species of whale with a large 'tusk' and are recognized as 'Near Threatened with Extinction'.

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Manali Kulkarni