I’m challenging myself #BECAUSE I want to protect the planet.

By Miriam Wilson

I’m challenging myself to fundraise for Greenpeace #BECAUSE.....

I am doing a 30 day sketchbook challenge inspired by nature to fundraise for Greenpeace Canada.

I feel nervous to share my sketches, drawings and paintings every day but I hope you will support me by giving a donation to Greenpeace Canada. 

You can even make a nature-inspired drawing request and I will send the drawing to you as a thank you for your donation.

I’m doing this #BECAUSE Greenpeace is making a real difference by acting on climate change, working to save our oceans, forests and other vital ecosystems and encouraging sustainable consumption and production.

I know my friends, family and colleagues care about these issues as much as I do, so please help me reach my fundraising goal by making a donation now. Every gift counts and together, we will have an incredible impact.

Thank you!!! 

My Progress

Personalized my page

Made a self-donation

Shared my profile page

Received my first donation

Increased my fundraising goal

Reached 25% of my fundraising goal

Reached 50% of my fundraising goal

Reached 75% of my fundraising goal

Reached my fundraising goal

Thanked my donors

My Updates

Day 30

Saturday 30th Jan

Day 29

Friday 29th Jan

Day 28

Thursday 28th Jan

Day 27

Wednesday 27th Jan
Polar Bear

Day 26

Tuesday 26th Jan

Day 25

Monday 25th Jan

Day 24

Sunday 24th Jan
Black bear mother and cubs

Day 23

Saturday 23rd Jan

Day 22

Friday 22nd Jan

Day 21

Thursday 21st Jan
Red-tailed hawk

Day 20

Wednesday 20th Jan

Day 19

Tuesday 19th Jan
Red-winged blackbird

Day 18

Monday 18th Jan
White Squirrel

Day 17

Sunday 17th Jan
Yorkshire countryside inspired by walks with my dog Pip back home

Day 16

Saturday 16th Jan

Day 15

Friday 15th Jan

Day 14

Thursday 14th Jan
Leatherback sea turtle

Day 13

Wednesday 13th Jan
Grey wolf

Day 12

Tuesday 12th Jan

Day 11

Monday 11th Jan
Barn Owl

Day 10

Sunday 10th Jan

Day 9

Saturday 9th Jan
Musk Ox (requested by Sid!)

Day 8

Friday 8th Jan
Canada Goose

Day 7

Thursday 7th Jan
Squirrel & Leaf Collage

Jour 6

Wednesday 6th Jan
un cerf / un daim

Day 5

Tuesday 5th Jan

Day 4

Monday 4th Jan
Eastern Phoebe

Day 3

Sunday 3rd Jan

Day 2

Saturday 2nd Jan
A blue jay

Day 1

Thursday 31st Dec
Inspired by today's wintry walk and thinking of little harvest mice curled up asleep - today's sketch is of a harvest mouse in a dandelion and some wintry thistle collected on my walk.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Wanjiro N

You’re so talented Miriam! I’m really enjoying this P2P campaign, thanks so much for the Iguana, I’ll hang it on my wall 💚


Rachel Wilson

Great idea..would love to see your efforts as you go xxxx


Manon Molins

Awesome project!


Thane Thomson

Hey Miriam! This is from both myself and my partner, Deshanta Naidoo. Love your sketches!


Jeff Berk

Good cause. You’re quite the artist, looking forward to seeing the next 26 pics


Christina Krygier

I love your drawings. Please may I have a drawing of a hare.



Some gorgeous sketches and an excellent cause. x


Hope Berk

Saved the best donation for last!! Have loved seeing your art every day, Mim xx


Jillian Stewart

This is SO cool, Miriam!! With this donation, you can reach your goal. with half of the month left to go...maybe you can double it!!!? Thanks for all you're doing to protect what we all love. :)




Charles Tyrer

Miriam you’re amazing!!!! Keep going so close! Hope you smash and can extend your target :)


Madison Stoner


Kirstyn Hevey


Michèle Matte

great way for fundraising, it touches me becasue I love animals and want to start drawing, merci


Wanjiro N

Hey Miriam, this is a wonderful P2P campaign 👏🏽


Erin O'rourke

The sketches are beautiful! Keep up the great work!


Kevin Berk



Leatherback sea turtle North American Wolf


Sarah Wilbore


Cody Skinner



I really enjoy seeing these each day, Miriam, great job!


Emily Howe-conlin

Love this! No request, just looking forward to seeing the next ones you'll create :)


Averie Macdonald

Go Miriam!


Bled Celhyka


Lise Bockler

it's amazing how you personally dedicated so much time and creativity for this campaign this month, huge congrats and love to you Miriam - Tu gères grave <3


Frédéric Brière


Miriam Wilson


Adam Berk


F Gilbank


Timothy Berk


Julie Byrnes

Beautiful sketches <3. Bravo Miriam!!


Allison Dunne



Farrah Khan


Agnes Le Rouzic

Quel talent pour le dessin :)


Ava Lightbody

Cute idea Miriam!


Matt Janes

Great idea!


Caroline Thorpe


Tom Dodsworth


John Masters

Well done for taking the challenge, Miriam, and a happy new year to you.


Duz The Scuz


Conan Maclean


Emily Barrette


Duncan Martin

Loving the birds Miriam


Marie-christine Fiset

Those sketches are AMAZING Miriam! What an artist you are!


Lydie Padilla

You are so talented! thank you for this daily dose of inspiration <3



I'm so inspired! Such amazing artwork Miriam!


Luke Evens

Good going Miriam


Annick Colbert


Charles Latimer

These are so good


Caroline Thorpe




Annie Bosse


Jane Mooney

Hi Miriam - You are so talented, your sketches are beautiful. Jane


Gillian Ashton

You go girl!


Ranjana Chakravorty

Miriam lovely sketches, you are too good!






Sid Choudhuri

Good worth with this platform and a great fundraiser idea. Happy New Year.


Melissa Sophie Blais




Anna Crawford

Beautiful work, Miriam!


Stephanie Hulse

Love this creativity! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻