The Walkers

Keep moving

Team -The Walkers

#Because -We walk the talk and walk our way to funding Green Peace initiatives
#Because -We care 

Our plan is to complete 50K over 4 weeks . So that we can get people to contribute to our charity .

This money will go towards saving the planet </> . </><>>< >#></> ><><>< >></></></><><></>

Thank you to our Sponsors


Kavita Rao


Anu French

So inspiring!


Richard Hooper

Well done on going for this initiative



Well done


Sameer Saxena

A message to Sameer Saxena who has contributed towards this cause. I am paying on his behalf . Thank you Sam !




Keith Chiang

Great going, Sujatha will be my favorite Anni.


Rachel Lim


Mckenzie Wilton